Jason Gore - Hitting It Low

Jason Gore displays how his shoulders are the key to keeping the ball low.


I notice how into the ball you are. Dufner talks about how he drives his right shoulder. At the top, for Duff, he drives his right shoulder right at the ball. What do you do-- is there any conscious is there anything doing with your shoulders?

Well, I use my shoulders a lot to control my flight.

Whether it's over the--

No, like if I'm trying to hit a lower flighted shot, I'll keep my right shoulder high to try to do that. I'll try to keep them very parallel to the ground. If I'm trying to get a higher shot, I'll feel like my right shoulder stays back a little bit.

Under your chin and back?


Let's do. Show me the lower-- show me the low shot with the high right shoulder.

So this was like Tiger's stinger two iron back in the day where he used to hit that. The high right shoulder stinger shot. So he basically just tried to keep his right shoulder high and the butt of the club would stay forward. And that's how he'd hit that shallow--


The shallow, barely any divot two iron that would go--


Yeah. For him, 270. So I'm just trying to keep my right arm long and my right shoulder high. And it just creates this low penetrating shot. So I'll play the ball a little bit back in my stance, try to keep my right arm longer, like wider, and keep my right shoulder higher.

Cover it.

And cover it.

Damn. You hit that great too.

That's a great-- that's the fairway finder. It just keeps everything nice and wide.


Right shoulder high, just keep your shoulders very parallel to the ground.