Jason Gore - Off The Green (Part 2): Chip And Run

Learn how Jason Gore incorporates his shoulders on the chip and run.


Let's try one that-- I'm going to make you chip it half way up the hill, check, go over. Not a big lob, just a running shot.

Like a 9 iron or something like that?

Whatever you think you could pull it off with.

Yeah, so here, I'd probably try to land it where--

That white spot a bit more?

Yeah, that white spot is. And probably after watching that first one, we got a little--

I guess the main question here would be, how do you hit the shot? What's the technique? Is it a frozen wrist, or is it break no break?

I'm a little bit more like Mickelson, like hinge and hold I guess is the cool way to talk about it now. I'm a little bit more of a-- I kind of like to break it and then hold it a little bit. I like to feel my body work a little bit more.

A little bit. Just a little knees or something?

I like to feel my shoulders turn. So you know, there's a lot of guys that-- you know like Stricker's kind of straight arm, straight arm. I like to feel my body work a little bit. I think it shallows me out.

You don't want to be just arms.

No, I'm trying to feel big muscles work around the arc.

OK, I like it. And by the way, the put was the most safe option. This is the next safest option.

Yep. This is probably the shot I would hit.

Do you do any wrist rollover or anything like that to make sure it stays low and running? Because we know-- we all know-- or we should know that if we break and hold, that could hold the face open. If we smothered it over, that could make it run. I mean, these are old school shots. I always play this shot with a bit more of that.

You can. You can try to like what we call hooking it.

Hook it?

I always just take less loft if I try to do that. I don't--

You're keep it simple. So on the little-- on the little chip and run shot, you like a little body action.

Yeah, I like to--

On the arc.

On the arc. Yeah. I just like to just kind of keep it going.

When you say, around the corner, what's that mean?

I just like to keep my body-- keep my arms on my body and just try to keep that club nice and shallow going in.

When you say, around the corner, you mean that like this is the corner. It's a term, right?

It's a term. Yeah.

Round this corner.

Yeah, just try to keep my arms on my body and let that club kind of go along with my turn, yes.

Got you. That looks pretty good right there.

That's a tough shot.

So it beat the put.