Jason Gore - Off The Green (Part 3): Lob Shot

One of golf’s most treacherous shots, Jason Gore shows us how he executes the lob shot.


So now we're going to play big nasty.

Big nasty. This is going to be more of a spinner.

Yeah. So this takes out all the trouble. Now, this is the highest rate of not coming out good.

This is the pro shot, I think.

Pro shot.

Yeah, this is going to be the one--

So what are we doing here? We're going to try to fly this all the way, with big spin.

This is going to take most of the hill out. So this is going to take most of the break out. It's probably the lowest percentage shot.

Highest reward.

Highest reward. This is probably the shot that you have a chance to make.

Yeah. So what comes to mind instantly about how to pull this off with your swing.

I'm going to use a little bit more-- I'm gonna probably open the face up just a smidge.


I'm going to try to use a little bit more wrist cock.


And try to use a little bit more speed.

To get the-- because you've got--

To get the spin. Yep. I have more loft.

Are you trying to dig a divot? No divot?

No. I'm going to try to use that the sole of the club-- I'm gonna try to use the back bounce, and I'm just going to try to feel like it's kind of using my body to do the same thing, but hold that face off a little bit.


So, yeah. So I'm trying to actually hit here.

It's a little fat, but throwing it under.

Yeah. It's sliding under.

So when you-- as we use your term, around the corner, on the arc, you're going to let that left wrist stay under a bit?

To hold the face open.


But still along the same lines of what I use with my right elbow to feel like it keeps moving forward.

And this is the shot that everyone wants to have, and it's the hardest one to have.

It's the hardest one. I mean, it's--

So, how do you tell the average player, like, that he's afraid he's going to fat it or thin it, or-- how do you set it up?

Well, everybody thinks you have to hit so hard down on it. You know? And it's really the way the club works into the ground. It's about the way it goes along the ground, I think, is how it works.

It's a shallow entry?

It's a shallow entry. That's the way I hit it.

Yeah. OK.

I'm trying to feel like it goes along here, and what I learned by watching great guys who do it, like Phil, and stuff like that, Phil actually chunks it.

Chunks it?

Yeah. He actually hits behind it. If you ever watch him do it, he actually hits the ground behind it.

That's what keeps it sliding into it.

That's what keeps it sliding, and uses the bounce on the club. So he actually hits behind it without chunking it.

That's interesting.

It's very interesting. He'll almost hit it there.

Like that. When you're hitting the back of the club, it won't dig in.

Right, because the leading edges are not going--

Off the ground. It's off the ground. Yeah.

So he's hitting it going that way. So if you zoom in, you can actually see-- if that's the ball, and I'm aiming for the ball, you can actually go that way, and it's never going--

That way. Do you do that, too?

I try.


He's special at it.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

I mean, I'm not comparing myself to Phil, by any means, but--

You're talking about Phil Mickelson, of course?

Phil Mickelson, of course, yes, but--

Because there's another great Phil out here, too. Phil Rodgers.

Rodgers. Yes.


Equally as impressive.

Equally as impressive. And still--

Different technique, as well.


All right, let's see the Gore special here, and let's see-- hole it. You're going to fly it right up there. It's going to have big spin on it, so you've got to fly it all the way, because it's going to stop.

Yeah. So what I try to do is-- I'm not trying to-- my years of watching Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal, like, I try not to open the face on this shot. So if I open the face this way, now all of a sudden the face is--

I'm over there.

Pointing right. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to point the face at it, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to open my body to it, and actually lay the club back.


Because if I'm going this way, now the club's facing this way.

You'd have to do something to get it back over there.

To get it to go left. So, I'm actually going to go point this here, and actually go around this circle here.

I see.

To open up. So now I can go ahead and swing it, and knowing what we know about how the ball reacts to the face--


Now all I'm doing is just adding loft. So I know that wherever the face is pointing, that's where it's going to start.

You're going big high hero, or you're going medium high?

I'm going medium high here.

I like it. Oh! Pro spin.