Jason Gore - Off The Green (Part 1): Putter

A favorite Jason Gore technique. See why he isn’t afraid to go with his putter when just off the green.


I've got a little contest here for you. I'm looking here, it goes up. We can't even see the bottom of the flag from here. So I'm going to make you putt one, I'm going to make you wedge one, and I'm going to make you chip and run one and see which one's going to win in all three of your techniques. How's that grab you?

Sounds good. What do you want to start with?

We can go putt.

All right.

And this is, there's a lot of names for this, Texas wedge, whatever. This is never a bad option.

I love this option. I use this option a lot. Just in my tender age of 42, my nerves aren't getting better.

People are been embarrassed about pulling out the putter.

No, I love it. I do it all the time. I feel confident in it.

You practice it?

I do.

I can already tell you may be even the whole pin length to the left here.

Yeah, it's going to go up. I mean, really, I just walked up a second ago and looked at it. So what I'm going to try to do is basically get it five feet over that hill. I'm going to try to get it up to the top of the hill and basically try to hit it five feet over that hill, and get it kind of coming down the hill and let the green do the rest of the work.

How do you judge that? How do you feel it, how do you know how hard to hit it?

I wish there was a formula.



Stacy Lewis likes this option, too, and she's really good at it, too. And I asked her the same question. She makes a practice stroke to get, like, that's about it. That's kind of it, isn't it?

Yeah, I mean, I always try to be aggressive on it. I would rather see the ball go past the hole than come up short. So especially it's pretty steep going up this first 50 feet of his putt.

Probably five degree slope.

Yeah, at least. So I want to be aggressive. And even if it does go by the hole, I'll get a chance to see what it's doing coming back.

I gotcha.

So yeah I'm just going to make a practice stroke here and just feel like what I'm going to try to do. Maybe I'll come back, rethink what I'm trying to do here. Try to pick out a target again, where I want this thing to go over. So there's a little booboo here in the green, so paint it white. I'm going to try to roll right over this guy, and just try to pick my lane. I don't even like to pick a line, I like to pick a lane. Because it's not perfect.

So I'm going to try to pick a lane, try to get right over that white line. There's another little white spot right up there on the hill.

I see it.

And I'm just going to try to get it right up over there, try to get it up over the mountain, and--

See what happens. We'll see what it is.

You hit the target

It still wasn't enough break.

Man, that's nasty up there.

I can't really tell from here, but it looks like it's pin high, looks like it's about eight, nine feet.