Jason Gore - Tee Shot: Par 3 (Part 1)

Jason Gore takes us through his strategy on a Par 3 at TPC Valencia.

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Off the tee Jason Gore


So one of the things that's exciting for me and everyone else who is going to watch your channel, is we are now out on the golf course and we're at a par 3 here at TPC Valencia, and you're going to work us through everything that comes into your mind for this shot. Now, we're going to spend a little bit more time actually saying it, because it happened real quick for us, right?


First thing we already know. We got wind here, right?

Yup. We got a little, but it's a weird wind because it's a little chilly. So, it's probably 55 degrees right now. So, this is when it starts to get a little funky. We got a little bit down wind.

We do we got? A little par 3--

A little par 3.

--slightly downhill.

Yup. And it's an odd yardage right now, because if it was warm out it would be a perfect 8-iron, and it's 165.

So, what you have to the front?

To that mound just short it's 52.


152. And it's 67 to the pin. So, it's 65. So, 8-iron covers--

Covers the front.

--covers the front easily.

So, is that the first thing that comes to mind for you?

Yes. Especially when it's in between clubs, you know what I mean? The ball's not going to go as far, because it's cold.


OK? But it is downwind. It's a little downhill, so--

So, how do people-- 165. Let's start with that. That's how far you hit an 8?

Yeah, that's about as far as I want to hit an 8. I can hit it farther, but I'm going to start losing control at that point. That's getting out of-- that's why they make a 7-iron.

Yeah. I'm with you.

So, you've teed up on the left side. Does that tell me anything? Are you trying to draw it?

I'm going to try to draw it, yeah. Just because the--

The hill.

Yeah. The green slopes a little right to left. I'm going to try to use the green to help out a little bit. And I'm going to try to use a couple extra yards, just because there's so much green behind it. The only trouble on this hole right now is short.

Short in the bunker. Short in the bunker. I got 30 yards of green behind it.