Jason Gore - Tee Shot: Par 3 (Part 2)

Jason Gore walks us through how he relaxes before pulling the trigger on a Par 3 at TPC Valencia.


What are you doing right here? Right now?

Right now, I'm just trying to get a feel of it. Like I talked about on the range, I'm just going to try to feel like my arms are nice and loose, you know? My elbows moving nicely forward. Just to take a nice, easy practice swing. I'm just trying to feel rhythm. I'm not thinking about swing thoughts. I've done all of that

Over there.

On the range. You know, I'm a firm believer-- I have this old saying that Preston Waddington told me one time about Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire used to have a dance studio, and in his dance studio he put chalk down and practice his dance moves, right? But he said once the music started he just danced.

Just danced. So you know what? Music's playing right now.

Jackie Burke says he's a big Fred Astaire guy. It's funny you brought that up. He said when you ask a girl to dance, he says, you do a little dance as your way out to the dance floor, right? You don't just walk out there like this.

You don't walk out stiffly.

No, you've got to do a little dancing on the way out there.

You got to get a little rhythm. So right now, I'm dancing right now.

You're doing a little dance.

I'm dancing right now. You know, you got to do your little gyrations here. So, I'm kind of picturing the shot. And what I'm doing right now is I'll pick out something right here. I always do this little thing.

Yeah. What's that? That's like a habit, and also you use it?

It's kind of like a Lee Janzen, Jack Nicklaus kind of thing.

Jack's down there.

Jack's down here, which is what I'm doing. So, I'm very left eye dominant.

Same as me. So, what I do is I close my right eye and I'll pick something here.

So, you're doing a plumb-bob?

Yeah, I'm doing a plumb-bob. So, what I'm doing is I'm picking up the target I want, which is--

To the right of the flag?

There's a gate over here, and then there's one more post just to the right. It's almost at the shadow of the flag. So, I'm going right here.

And your right eye's literally not here, so you're looking right true there?

I'm looking down left eye, and I'm looking right here and lining something up. And what I'll do is I'll drop it--

I got you.

--and I'll find something right here, right? So, let's just say that it's right here. So, that's my target point and I'll want this ball to start right over that.

And that helped you get in there, right? You're walking in and you can sort of sense those lines.

I can aim at this point. I think it's very hard to aim.

I do that with putting. I putt, but I don't do it up here.

You don't? OK. Yeah, I just find it's way easier for me to aim at a spot two feet in front.

Are you a good aimer, or bad aimer with your swing?

I'm a bad aimer. I'm a right aimer. I start going right. I start going this way.

So, that automatically takes all that out of your game, because you know that's true.


Hopefully. Got it.

You may make a one. Please go in the hole. Please!

That was first take, folks.

[LAUGHS] That was excellent.