Jason Gore - Tee Shot: Par 3 (Part 3)

See where Jason Gore lands his Par 3 tee shot, and how he mentally moves forward to the next shot.


You're going to show me an eight.

I'm going to show you an eight iron here.

You may make a one. Please go in the hole, please.

That was first take, folks.

So that was excellent. So we know that's great. We can see that, prove that. I wanted to ask you, if you didn't hit a good one, or whatever, I give myself about 10 seconds to evaluate that. Then I move on. I don't dwell. I'm not a dweller. Are you a dweller?


I let it go.

No. The way I look at it is, OK, you can get upset for eight to 10 seconds. And then the next time is an opportunity to hit a great shot.


[INAUDIBLE] your book. Run the kicker in. My theory-- I used to get so mad or whatever. Let's say you hit that in the bunker. Well, my bunker game is so good, let's let the bunker guy come out.

So good. It's just an opportunity to shine.