Jason Gore - Tee Shot: Par 4

See how Jason Gore tackles the Par 4 #17 at the TPC Valencia.


TPC Valencia, hole 17. Very interesting, drivable par 4. A lot of people-- there's not that many people get to drive on a par 4, but let's talk about how you evaluate whether you would go for this or not.

Yeah, sometimes you just got to kind of go with your gut. If you're driving it good, sometimes you just kind of take a risk.

It depends what your score is during the round.

Where you are in the tournament.

This is the 17th hole. Let's say you were 5 over, you might want to lay up to conserve that. You may want to go for it to get to 4 over. I mean, there's so many things that come into it, right?

For sure, I mean if you're--

You might have fought all day to get back to even, and you'd like to keep even. All this sort of stuff, right?

Yeah, you could be 1 back in your tournament.


Or you could be a great wedge player.


You know, or you could be-- if you were Dustin Johnson your driver is your best club, or you're Zach Johnson-- your wedge is your best club.

That's right.

You know, it all depends. But for me, you know, I've always--

You're a great driver.

It's always been one of my things. And like I said, I've never hit anything but on this hole, so I don't know what it's like to lay up. I mean, I've hit some poor drives and ended up laying up.

But you've got your right arm under control so you're going.

We're going for it.


And we got cameras rolling so we're going to have some fun. I know that left his dead. Left is like the Bermuda Triangle. We've lost small children over there. There's a tree right in the middle of the fairway, a good old California Oak that--

You'll run over it?

I'm going to go right over it. The wind's a little off the left. I know that bunker's fine, the pin's left. I know I have plenty of green to work with to get it up and down from right over there. I'm going to try to turn it over a little bit. If it doesn't turn over, I should be just in that bunker or just short. If it does turn over, I'll be putting for 2 hopefully.

I like it.

All right.

You trying to make just your golf swing.

Yeah, yeah.

Not trying to do anything fancy.

I'm not trying to do anything fancy. I'm just going to try to step up, hit it in the middle of the club face.

When I said, trying to be fancy, sometimes we get on holes where we try to turn one over to get more distance, or we do something. But when I say to you, not do anything fancy-- just trying to make your golf swing.

I'm trying to make my golf swing. People always ask me, especially in Pro-Ams and you've probably done this too, how do I hit it longer. Well, first off, you have to hit it in the middle of the clubface. You can swing 10 miles an hour-- 10 miles an hour faster-- but if you're going to hit it off the paint it's no good. It's not going to work.

We're going to build a nice, repetitive action.

And hit it in the sweet spot, and that's the way you're going to hit it farther. There's a sweet spot for a reason, that's where you get your highest ball speed. So you can actually go three miles an hour less-- three miles an hour less on your golf swing in the sweet spot and the ball will go farther.


And it's breezy, and I don't want to swing hard and make it spin up into the wind, so I'm going to make a nice, controlled golf swing right over that tree, and make sure I have a second shot-- make sure I'm not hitting a third from here.

I can't wait to see it.

Mate, you hit that so straight. Look at it bounce and front edge.

Front edge.

Great swing. Holy cow.

I'll take that today.

What feedback there? You just made a good swing?

I didn't go after it. I just tried to make a good solid swing, and we'll see if we can get up and down from that.

You did.