Jason Gore - Wedge Shot

Jason Gore shows us how his short wedge approach stays simple.


So we just had you on the tee. You showed us how to hit the fade under the gun. Now we're all-- I'm putting you back under the gun. We've got to get up and down from right here, 86 yards to win the tournament by 1. Got your ball above your feet. What comes to mind right at the get go? What are we doing here?

Well, basically, we're trying to turn three shots into two. So we're trying to get this up and down. So we have to evaluate what's going on here. We've got side hill lie, we've got into the wind.

Lies fine.

The lies fine. Yeah, we've got a good fairway lie here. So right now we're just trying to--

Evaluate everything.

Yeah, so that's no problem. So we're trying to basically get ourselves in a-- you know, depending on your ability-- into whatever circle you choose.

Yeah, you're a great putter. So--

I'm looking into a-- you know, I always like to think that--

Inside the pin length.

Inside the pin length. You know, I always think, however many yards it is, I think a foot for every yard. So if you have 150 yard shot, I think inside 15 feet is a good shot.

OK, so that's your sort of-- so 86, you're talking 8 to 10 footer here.

Yeah, 8 footer. Right, I think that's a good shot.

That's how you evaluate yourself.

That's how I evaluate. You know, I think that's a great shot. 200-yard shot, 20 footer, great shot.

Got you. I'm using that from now on, by the way.

Yeah, that's a good way to look at it.

Anything outside that's garbage.

Garbage. Crap.


Yeah, so I'm going to take a little bit of extra club here because I know I'm going to choke up on it because the ball's above my feet. So I'm going to just-- this is where my right elbow thing comes in. Because this is where I'm going to really try to hold the face on this shot and really try to prevent this shot from going left.

Going left.

Because this has every opportunity--

To go left.

It's got every prompt to go left.

OK. Which goes back to what you talked about on the driving range, which was to keep the right arm in front is your big deal anyway. Two things we've learned today so far from you on this strategy, for me, is, you like to keep moving, and you like to have that arm with you when you go.


Everything stops. This goes that way. That's no good for you.

It's got left in it.

Yeah, and you hate left.

And I'm trying to eliminate that side of the golf course.


So I try to do-- so what I'm thinking about here is, you look at all the great wedge players, and they all use a lot of body when they turn. Zach Johnson, you know, you see him go-- You know, so that's kind of the feeling that I'm having is to have that body keep rotating and keep that, for me, that elbow moving forward and towards the target and around my body.

You want that arm out around here in front of you again?

Yes, correct.

So you could almost go out there and start again.

Yes. I want this thing-- I want my arms and my side of my body to where if I just turn back around, I'm ready to go.

You're ready to go again.


Well, you could even stop over there and start--

Yeah, I can just go here and go straight back--

And put it down there

--down, put my feet back down, and go.


So that's just--

Dufner, pretty similar.

Yeah, it's just controlling your radius. That's what I try--

When you say controlling your radius, circle, center, out to the edge, straight line is your radius. You want to keep that not bent. It has to stay straight.

I want to keep my arc the same on both sides. Like if I keep it here, I want it to match over here.


So when I aim a little right, I'm going to choke up on the club a little bit. I'm going to make sure my right elbow is nice and comfy on my body right here. I'm going to move my hands just a little ahead because I'm going to try to keep this flight down on this wedge. I'm going to take a couple of looks and pick out my target that I picked right here. I'm going to go ahead and make sure that right elbow's moving forward, and rotate.

There's the no-hook you wanted. Yeah. Yeah. Look at that thing.


Spinning. OK, I like it.