Jason Kokrak - 9 O'clock wedge shot

Jason Kokrak demonstrates how to hit a "9 O'clock" wedge shot that flies about 85 yards.


You hit the ball so long. How are you able to control your shorter game? And you've already told me, but you haven't told everyone yet, which is you play to like the Pelz explanation.

Yeah. It's kind of like we used to do it in college, so we used to have to hit shots at all sorts of different yardages. But we would find a specific, we'd hit 10 to 20 balls with each position and find that--

When you position, you're saying 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock.

Yeah. 7:30 on a clock. So right out there. And then 9 o'clock is right there, halfway back, and which I always go just a touch past it.

Bit further to get the rhythm. And what do you do, low?

A 10: 30 would be more of just a full wedge.

And then low velocity?

No. Mostly full like natural, full velocity. Because if you slow everything down, then you're kind of out of rhythm and then you're going to dump the club early. And it's just going-- so I think that's--

So it's essentially it's a similar, very similar swing to your swing except with a measured backswing.

Yes. Just a sawed off backswing and almost the same follow through. Sometimes you want to hit it a little higher or something, you finish high. But this is a shot that you kind of want to hit, just a natural lower trajectory, kind of control the spin.

And this guy is 81. What comes to your mind for your shot for that? What's that tell you, which club to hit.

It's a 9 o'clock, 60 degree, which is normally right around an 83 shot.

So that's how people would learn it if they wanted to do it that way? Go hit 10 balls at 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock each and see where they go?

Yeah. See how far they get. Hit 5 that you hit really solid and they should be with all within a few yards.

Measure it.

And measure it. Stand your bag right next to where you hit it, walk out there and laser back. Stand in the middle of the golf balls or have somebody out there where they landed. Landed is better where than they finish. Because if you were hitting them uphill or downhill or onto a green and they spin back, you're not going to want that yardage. You're going to want the full yardage.

You hit that good. Perfect. Looked to me like you will right at 10 o'clock to me.

Yeah. Just past the 9:00 o'clock. I always go just a little bit past because I have, you know--

You need that for the rhythm. I think you need it for the rhythm. If you try to go right to the 9 o'clock so you can have that full range of motion, you go right to 9 o'clock and then full motion all the way down, all the way a full finish.

So you went 9, but you went to 10, but then you didn't stop putting the jets on it until you go back to 9 again.


Yeah. So it's OK to go past your little deal.

Just a little past.

Yeah. Yeah.