Jason Kokrak - Forward Press

Jason Kokrak shows what he does in his forward press to start the backswing.

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So I was noticing there on your shot there that I'm like you. I do a half swing, and then I walk in with my right foot, and my left, and right. And then it's like a routine. It's a routine, but it's a rhythm.

Yeah, it's just something that you've always done. It's something that naturally happens.

But I noticed with you that you have a little forward lean there. Is that what you call a trigger? Or?

I guess it would be a natural trigger. It's just something that I've always done. You see some guys like Matt Kuchar. He stands up there and brings that club up and out and then goes into his swing. Everybody's got that--

I use my right knee.

And then you're ready to go. But I personally get in there and take that little half step swing-- get through the feel. And then take couple looks at the flag, step in there. And when I'm ready to go, I'll set the club down. And I let those hands drop, but there's just a little bit of lean to get that club right in that perfect impact zone and--

So you get here and then you lean and get a little bit more towards what we'd call impact.

Impact, or maybe a more powerful hitting stance-- whatever you want to call it. But it's not much. It's not like when you're up with a putter and you see some guys that are like this.