Jason Kokrak - Smash Factor

Jason Kokrak explains the importance of hitting it solid vs. speed.


I tell a lot of amateurs this, don't overswing at first. You want to start hitting the ball solid every time and then you can start speeding up your swing then on. Because you know you're hitting it solid every time.

If I'm swinging at 115 miles an hour and hitting it solid, I'm going to hit it further than if I'm swinging at 120 and hitting it off the bottom or off the top or anywhere else. So my biggest thing is I tell all the amateurs just try to hit the ball solid and swing within yourself. You can speed up after you learn how to hit it solid every time.

There's a great statistic on TrackMan. It's called Smash Factor. It's a combination of all the statistics that tell you how good your path is, how good you hit, everything that you did well and it comes up with a number.

And anything over 1.50, even if your swing speed's slow, if your Smash Factor is up in the 1.50, you'll hit it further than a guy who has tons more--

Perfect's 1.5253 I think. I don't think I've ever seen anything higher than 0.0053.

I've seen 0.0052.

Yeah. But just hitting it in the middle of the clubface, creating that consistent ball flight, that consistent distance that you want. Then you can kind of start swinging a little bit harder to create a little bit more speed.

But you're going to hit it further hitting it in the middle of the clubface than you are swinging hard and creating all that speed and spin.


You know, that's where I think a lot of amateurs, they think, oh, I swang so hard at that. But they swang hard and finished left and created all this spin and have big ol' fade.

Low Smash Factor.

Low Smash Factor, very low.