Jason Kokrak - How It Began (Part 2)

Jason Kokrak describes how it all began for him as a young golfer (Part 2).


So your grip.

Well, the grip was always pretty good. He always wanted me to try-- I always had a very, very strong grip. I was always way over the top--

With the left?

--with the left. And then he always tried to get me to really weaken it. So I'm about halfway in between that now. But he used to stand behind me with a 3 iron and poke me in the back of the leg to keep my right knee flexed.

See. There's a lot of people that believe that you're supposed to straighten that thing out.


But I never straightened mine out.

No. I mean, there's got to be leg movement in the golf swing, or it's just going to be an arm swing. But if you're standing back there and you lock it out, there's too much movement with your legs to re--

Get it back engaged.

Yeah, exactly. You can't lock it out. You can straighten it up, but you can't lock it.

I was locked out. And I mean, my hips-- my right hip was way above my left. And then I'd come back, and it was the complete opposite.

Were you always long when you were a boy?

No, when I was young, I hit it nowhere. I didn't even use a driver when I was a kid, like 8, 9, 10, 12 years old. I used a 2 wood to kind of get it up in the air a little bit. But I had a short game. I could get it up and down from a garbage can.



And did you play high school golf?

I did. I won two state championships.


In Ohio. In Ohio at the Scarlet and Gray course in Columbus, Ohio.

At Ohio State. He went to Xavier College.

I was just kind of sheer power, almost rage going into the golf ball through college. You know, shortened it up. I still hit it far, but I used to hit really far in college.

So was it a combination of the coach and you getting bigger? Or was that it? Just the right leg for the backswing?

For the right leg, for the most part. I used to be real long. I used to take it back way past parallel, even with the short irons. And I just was really flexible as a kid. I've just gotten shorter and shorter over the years. But you know I--

But on purpose.

On purpose. We started to try to shorten it up on purpose to kind of get a little less movement in the golf swing. But I've shortened it up even since then. I've gotten bigger and stronger. So I don't really need to get it all the way back there to create the speed. So there's less movement and less turn to the clubhead.