Jason Kokrak - Driver Shaft Torque

Jason Kokrak talks about the shaft torque required for his power.

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Hey, you've hit those three balls down there. You could throw a handkerchief over those three.

Yeah. You know what, I cracked the face of my driver the Sunday of the US Open.

New one came in? Well, we got a new one-- I actually cracked it right across the crown of the golf club right up in here, and it almost looks like it was just the paint, but I was starting to get a couple--


Not mis-hits, but they would come off funny. They would spin a lot and then one would really hook hard left, but--

You lost all the trampoline in there.

Yeah, I think so. But I crack a lot of them on top of the cross line. I've cracked a couple down here, but everyone's different.

I've never cracked one, just for the record.

I can't even remember how many I've cracked.

Just for the record I have cracked--


Yeah, zero.

That's why you still have the same driver in your bag.

That's right

That's your shot, the big draw, nice draw.

The nice draw is kind of the go-to shot. Oh, that is in that guy's yard.


I'll go and aim a little further right now, but that's the go-to shot, for the most part. The last two years has been a lot straighter than it ever used to be. I think it comes-- you know, I started using this shaft last year. Super stiff shaft, low torque. Less than two degrees of torque, which a lot of guys--


That's the twisting of the head and the shaft.


A lot of guys are up to three, three and a half degrees of torque, which will give you a couple more miles an hour clubhead speed, but not a lot. I'm looking for more consistency.

You want stable.

I want stable. I don't like to see-- I know I see it, but that rainbow over my head, when I change directions, you can see it. And a lot of guys have a lot more, like your boy has a lot--


Yeah, a little bit. You know, I use a stiffer shaft because I want to feel the golf club coming through and know where it's at. When you get a lot of lag and a lot of whip with the shaft, I feel like that torque kind of takes over and you don't really know exactly where it comes.

Where you're at.


That's hit so hard.