Jason Kokrak - Ground Up & Body Type

Jason Kokrak describes using the ground for power and being big.


Bubba Watson, he kind of-- Same. Using the ground, he kind of jumps at it to create all that speed.

I don't jump at it. But I'm using the ground to drive through the golf ball.

Yeah, I see that.

I'm not--

Yours is smooth.

Yeah, I mean, I have a couple of friends of mine that have said, you've got extreme power, but you've got a really good throttle for how much to use and when and where to use it.

So a lot of guys, it's only one speed.

One speed.

They can't-- I can take a four iron, hit the 100 yard shot. But it's just, everybody's different.


But it also helps to be 6'4 and strong.

Two in change.


On the PGA tour, on the profile, are you like 6'4, 180? Do you do that move, like me? Or do you--

No, I don't do that move. I'm 6'4. I think it says 225 or 230. So you're a fraction light. That's OK.

Yeah. I mean that's what I was when I--

You don't do the 205?

No. Well, I came out of college at about 240 to 245. Oh, so you're trimming down?

I've dropped. I've gained a little bit back. But I got married this past November, and I've tried to cut out fried food and soda for the most part. The occasional soda doesn't hurt. But you know, I just--

No brown water?

The occasional one.


Switched to a little bit of vodka, but a little bit of the brown water.

A little beet?

I try to cut out the beer, because--

Big blob.

Yeah. You'll have more.

Be like big--

I've always-- I mean, I was real skinny. But I've always had this kind of body type.