Jason Kokrak - Putting (Part 1: Pre-Shot Routine)

Jason Kokrak demonstrates his pre-shot routine in his putting.


How do you approach your putting?

Same way with my game-- I approach it with sort of a feel. It's a reaction on the greens to how fast they are, or what kind of putt, how much it breaks. So I always stand behind it. I always stand on the low side of it, mostly from behind it.

I take a look from the other side. I always walk around the low side for some reason. I walk around the low side of it. Sometimes I'll walk around the high side of it if there's a couple of ball marks. I don't want to step on anybody's line.

So I step behind it, and I read it. And I visualize the line that I want it to roll on, and I'll pick a spot right in front of it and then right about here where I want to roll it over. But I'll also pick a spot right around this hole. So this little piece of whatever's right here-- that's probably where the putt's going to break from.

So I'll concentrate on that line, and where I want it to roll, and how I want it to roll. And when I step up to the putt, I'll take a couple of looks from behind. I always walk out from behind it. So I'll start here.

And I start, and I pick out my spot. And I see the spot I want to roll it over, so this is close to where I want to roll it over right there. So I get in there and get comfortable-- a couple looks, a couple of practice swings-- and then I'll get right behind it.

I'll take one more look at the hole and where I want it to draw a line and where it's going to come back to. And then I concentrate on that spot right in front of that ball and then concentrate on that spot. So if I can roll it over both, I'm probably going to make the putt.