Jason Kokrak - High 7 Iron Shot

Jason Kokrak demonstrates how he hits a high 7 iron shot.


You're going to throw one up--

Way up.

--with a 7. Yep, 7 iron.

What's the deal on the up?

Up is almost-- I mean, I'll move it up in my stance just a little bit,--


--just so you catch the golf ball a little bit more on the upswing. It's not an upswing. It's still a descending blow.

But it's less.

It's not as steep. It's not as steep. Little bit more spin. If I'm really trying to get it up in the air, I'll almost get a little bit closer to the golf ball, get a little bit more vertical,--

Little bit more leverage.

--Instead of flat. A little bit more leverage to get-- you know, it's kind of the same thing in a bunker shot. You take it out, and you almost get that v pattern to kind of lift that ball into the air. So I'll--

Is it less lean?

It'll be a little bit less lean. But it will be almost like I'm helping it more up in the air with my body than trying to manipulate my hands.

So this is a bit more of a body shot.

A little bit. A little bit. I mean, I'll release the club earlier, like a normal shot. But with it being up in my stance, it should take care of how high it goes.

So a little bit closer to the ball. A little bit more steep. Come in shallow.

Yeah, I'd say that's high. I'm going with that was high.