Jason Kokrak - Tight Little Low Draw

Jason Kokrak demonstrates how to hit a tight little draw with a 9 iron.


Number 17 TPC Sawgrass, island green, winds in off the left, and we've got to hit a shot here, right?

A little tight, little low draw.

Little tight, lower-- walk me through what you would do to hit-- your caddy's given you 136 yards. It's into the wind, so you--

Playing about 150, 155.

--and the wedge is not enough. 8's too much, but you've got to have a 9 iron lower.

Got to have a low 9. I'll grip down just a touch just to take maybe a little bit of the spin off and just get that flight going a little bit lower.

A shorter radius.

A little shorter radius almost like a--

Control it a little bit more.

--almost the same, taking about halfway back and halfway through-- that sawed off little shot.

Will you have a little bit more lean on the shot?

I'll lean into it a little bit more. I might put it back in my stance maybe a half an inch, a half a ball.

Because if you go to far, it's going to want to make it go right, right?

Yeah, if you go too far, it'll make it to go too far right. Or if you go too far back, you'll overcompensate and come over top of it and miss it left. So you don't want to change too much of the--

Do you slow down the velocity or any?

No, I think you try to keep the velocity constant. It's not--


--equal. I might try to ramp it up just a little bit to keep myself from letting go, or flipping at it, or just dumping it. So that's where that a little bit shorter golf swing will come from so I can keep it short and make sure I keep the speed going.

Is the main thing that you're going to keep a little more angle on it? Or?

Yeah, I'll come in a little bit steeper and just hold that angle all the way through that way. So I'll take the same stance, maybe a touch back, touch open.

Yeah, yeah.

And just kind of hold it up against that wind a little bit lower.

That was pretty.