Jason Kokrak - Trackman: Driver (Part 1)

Jason Kokrak demonstrates what are ideal numbers for him on Trackman when hitting his driver.

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When we hit a ball-- the reason we measure the flight, this ball right here or any of the top balls-- there's a certain optimal flight number. It doesn't matter if you don't know the number. Let's say it's 2,500 spin rate. A golf ball spinning at 2,500 spin rate will hold this ball mathematically the longest in the air, OK? So when we get a driver, if you get one that spins too low, it won't stay in the air. If we get one that spins up at 4,000, it won't go anywhere. So on a driver, all of us-- we're trying to really thread the needle between 2,200 and 2,600.

It depends. The longer hitters can get away with a little bit less spin because that ball is coming off at 185-plus miles an hour.

But the three, we're looking at more like 3,200 or 300 3,300.

Yes. It's just something that it's going to spin with a consistent spin. With the driver-- if you hit it a little thin, you're going to get a little bit more spin or hit it a little high on the face, you're going to get a little less. That's where you get the tumbler.

But for me, I have I think it's about a 9.3 degree, 9.4 degree driver-- extremely stiff shaft. But I launch at about in between 9 and 10 degrees. I used to launch it a little bit lower.

And you're up there with the guns-- 185, 188?

Yeah, in normal stock drives, 179 to 183 and gearing up is between 185 and 190.

That's a 190 mile an hour ball speed, which would be in the 0.1% of the tour.

Yeah, there's--

And that's flying 330?

318 to 330, depending on wind and heat. But everything's a little different. But for me, optimum is 9, 10 degrees because that's the window I see. Any higher, it just doesn't look right. So everybody tells you optimum is 14 degrees and 2,500 spin.

Too high.

That's too high. Some guys like to hit it like the--

Justin Thomas.

Justin Thomas-- I played with him at the Open. He's hits that high-bomb draw every time. And it's a great ball flight, but that's what he sees.