Pat Perez - Advice To Amateur Golfers

Pat Perez shares his advice to amateur golfers wanting to improve their scores dramatically.

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Practice Pat Perez Philosophy Improving


The main game is short game. You've got to be great from a 100 yards and in. And that's never changed. That's always been the same. So if you're good from short. And I tell our members around here all the time, they want advice. My advice is to get off the range with the driver, and go over the chipping green, and work on from 15 yards and in, because I guarantee from 15 yards and in, the average of my membership here will give away six to 10 shots a round from just off the green.

I said, that's why you're a 22 handicap. You can be down to a 12 if you just worked on your short game. You don't have to hit any different. You're not going to hit any farther. Fairways are wide, you're going to still hit it. You're going to be around the green in three. So try to make five as opposed to six. And that's how you can start to shave strokes.

I mean, look at Jordan Spieth. He doesn't he doesn't hit it any better than anybody on tour. He doesn't hit any better. He hits his drivers like this. What he did last year was putt better. He putted twice as good as anybody than was on tour. He made more 40 footers, 30 footers, 20 footers like nothing. And then those add up real fast.

And also that that's the main difference. If you get published and anybody, you're going to make a fortune. You just can't help it, because you're always going to save yourself.