Pat Perez - Practicing Bunker Shots

Pat Perez shares how as a kid he used to practice for hours on end in the bunker.

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Pat Perez


I spent hours in the bunker. I mean I used to go through wedges like nothing, because I grew up playing those brilliant Pings. And I mean, if you just breathed on it, it was starting to deteriorate.

So you know, I'd spend hours in there. I still have wedges at home that the middle of the face, it's just gone. There's not even a trace. And it's actually got an indent in it.

And I just, for some reason, I like the sand, because I had a very upright swing, and it was very easy for me to hit. So I guess it was because it was easy for me to do, I thought it was more fun. And then I'd try to spin it back. And that's the old Tour Edition ball, you could spin back and the soft balls back in the day.

It was just easier for me to do it. And I thought, you know this isn't that hard. But I didn't really know. I just never saw the bunkers as much of a trouble, you know as that much trouble for me.