Pat Perez - Pitching (Part 2: Low And Up)

Pat Perez demonstrates how to hit the pitch shot going "low and up" through the ball.


You know you've heard Phil talk about the hold in, the hinge and hold thing.


I don't like that because it gets too high and I don't actually believe that he does that anyway. So I think that's sort of a myth. I don't like the high. He tells you to go high and down and hold, and then through this way. All that's going to do is stick in the ground. For the most part. I like my method because I feel like it's low and then higher. It's an arc.


So I'm taking a low arc. I'm hitting and then I'm up.

Obviously yours is wider at the bottom.

Very wide. It's a very wide. This method to me keeps the face as square as possible.

As long as you--

For as long as it could and I would imagine that would be a good method of hitting. You know from 20-30 yards you want to hit it like that, right? So you have to have the face as square as possible. You can't have a whole lot of moving.

You want to be there for a long time.

So my method of that-- for the 20-30 yards-- I put it pretty much in the lowest stance. It's just a-- it's a slow body motion. And it's just got back spin and takes one bounce and stops everytime. I do this up to 70 yards.

That one there you just hit it like 20-25.

Yeah, exactly. So I mean I'll hit it-- if I want to hit it harder, I just put it a little more--

It's a little bit more arm motion and a bit more body. A little bit more oomph.

Its body. And arm motion. That's what I'm putting into it, everytime. You know if you want to change the height, I can put it up. And I hit it higher. But it's still exactly the same motion. I control the trajectory by the ball position.

By the ball position.

Because the swing doesn't move. There's no reason to move the face around.


Now if I want to hit that low one, I just move it back.


And I hit the low one.

So what about when you want to smoke it? How far do you hit the 50, the 60?

I don't really hit that far anymore. I used to try to hit it about 90. I won't hit it much more than you know 65-70 now.

Just because you want that total control, right?

Well the problem is that this club-- this PM wedge spins a lot. I mean Phil designed this wedge and it just spins too much. I don't think-- yeah it looks cool to spin the ball back and amateurs like and that's all that kind of stuff--

Need I say never saw anyone winning any money with the ball coming back to him.

I mean that's all cool and everything but I, you know--

You wanted to stop dead.

You look at guys like Johnson, Zach Johnson. These guys they hit these you know half wedges. I mean a hill and a wedge from 90 yards. And it's stone dead. It doesn't matter what club you use to get it there.

No, exactly.

And the spin back I've never been able to have it. It's only I've maybe seen it twice in my career, where I've actually spun it back perfectly. You know?


Well I've actually done it. I think one time the pin just happened to get in the way.

So this is your under control wide arm swing?

That would be like my 50 right there. Now it's going to look-- oh yeah you're hinging it low.

OK, it doesn't feel like you are.

It doesn't feel like that.

And I think that's important to feel because that's important for the average guy to say, well, this is what it feels like. This is what it looks like. But this is what I feel this is what it feels like.

I don't have to worry about what it looks like.

No you don't worry about what it looks like.