Pat Perez - Pitching (Part 3: 90-100 yards)

Pat Perez demonstrates how to hit a 90-100 yard pitch shot using his specialized motion.


So what we've got in your hand there--

This is a 56. And this is about my 90 to 100. This is what I would use from 90 to 100. Now that yellow flag, I would guess, is about 90.


This is kind of the same motion, because I'm not trying to hit it full. It will have a little more hinge in it, because it will be a little longer. But essentially for me it's the same motion going through.

So it is a myth-- we've known this our whole-- whenever you talk to an amateur and they say-- you give them a swing tip, they always say to you-- the next question out of their mouth is always, Can I do this with everything?

No, you can't.

This is not your seven iron swing.

These are specialty shots.

This is a wider, quieter motion.

This is for a pin that's accessible. You don't have to move into-- I'll also hit this shot if I have-- let's say a pin's [INAUDIBLE] and I've got 95 yards, and I'm not going to be too cute with it. There might be a ridge that I don't want to come over or under or whatever. And I'll just hit this left of pin 10 feet.

No big deal.

If I'm going to go--

Don't go crazy.

I'll just kind of, you know, I'll just get in here.