Pat Perez: Pitching (Part 1 - Reasons Behind Method)

Pat Perez explains the reasons behind his "straight arm" method.


That bunker is probably what, 70 yards? Anything from that and in, I use a straight arm method. What I mean by a straight arm method-- It'll have some [INAUDIBLE]. To me nothing breaks. This is straight.

It just feels like--

It just feels like. But to me it feels straight this way, straight at impact, straight through. And this assures me--

This was a real [? worry-- ?] you weren't very good at the shot when I first met. But you're really good at it now.

This is something I worked on a lot. If you are taking bucket of water, or even that bag, you would feel how far you want to throw that bucket. If I said, Elk I want you for that bucket 10 feet, you'd be able to feel that 10-- if I'm doing this type of motion, I don't know how far it's going to go. If I was going to throw a ball-- if I was going to throw a ball I would know how far I could throw it that way. If I was going to do with just the wrist, I wouldn't have any idea how far it's going to go. That's kind of my mentality here.

I'm with you. It's one of the interesting things for me so much is to work with you guys on this, is how many different good ways I've seen it done. Let me see it, because like you said, you were a really long hitter when you first came on the tour.

And that all backed up. Well that's all gone.

You got too many candles on your cake now to be like--

Exactly. I don't even worry about that anymore.

But the point is, you weren't awesome at this shot.

No, this was shot I wish I would have had some knowledge.

As you've gotten shorter, you've had now--

Hence the four wedges, because I know that I need to be incredible inside 120 yards. So an extra wedge, around the green I might need the 56 as opposed to the 52 or 60, that I can't--

You're totally going with the control.

I'm going with more control, because I know the long ball is gone for me. And that's fine. I can still hit 300. But I'm not going to hit it with the Days and the Dustins. And that's fine. I've accepted that. But I need to be--

You need to be more efficient here.

I need to be really good around the green. For the most part, around the green, inside 10, 15 yards, I've been pretty good. I led the stats in sand one year. I led the all around one year on tour.

That's amazing for you, to be honest. I mean that's a real star on your shirt compared to not being that good at it, and then lead a statistic.

Yeah, I mean exactly.