Pat Perez - Putting (Part 3 - Lag Putting)

Pat Perez demonstrates his lag putting technique.


I mean, in my opinion, with lag putting, it's practice more than anything. How much stroke do you need, can you hit it solid, do you know how far it is to hit it 60 feet.

That's where it's important to hit it in the center, because if you don't hit a sweet spot, you can't get it there.

It's just like on the range. If you've got a seven iron and you're trying to hit a 175 and you hit it off the toe, it's going to go 160. It's just the way it is. So this lag putting, in my opinion, is nothing more than trying to hit the center, and how close can you get it to 60 feet. I don't know if there really is a stroke. It's a longer stroke, obviously, because you've got to hit it 60 feet.

Yeah, you've got to have some sort of a timing.

I try to really focus on how far it really is and then I try to feel it. That's my visualization is that. I know it's uphill, I know it's going break right. 60 feet-- now how far will I have to actually hit it? Harder than that. It's slow.


It's pretty slow. I need more stroke then. That's really uphill.

That was a good one.

Yeah, not bad. But it just really is practice. I haven't practiced in five months, so-- That was in the center.

That was in the center of the club?