Pat Perez - Controlled Fade (Part 2)

Pat Perez demonstrates how to hit a controlled fade with the ball up in the stance (Part 2).


Aim a little further right. Pull further forward and now you should be able to see it, right? Now in. Now. At the oh-- at the top of the swing there, at the top of the swing, this left shoulder as it goes up to the top, what does it have to do to make it come out? It has to go-- you can go up. That would drop it further behind. No good. You know we've got to pull that shoulder out and around. Pull that shoulder. That's right.

It's still right. It's still a higher right shoulder, correct?

Correct. Correct. And you're not going to move a wedge right? Very much?

No, no, no. Exactly. But that most-- yeah I know what you're saying.

So left shoulder Pat would go almost down and around to the left. So what makes it curve is that the relationship of the arc from the face.

Could you do that more with the ball--


--back and or middle?

No. Because you got to start at left. Balls got to be forward. Has to be forward. Each.

That face is massive.

Yeah exactly.


So we all know that hands flipping over like this does not put a curve on the ball. It's the-- if I'm playing ping pong back and forth, back and forth, back and forth-- the paddle is straight, straight, straight. But the moment I change the path, I can put a curve on it. So that arc is what puts the curve on the ball in relationship to the face.