Pat Perez - Strategy - Rim Golf Club (Hole #12)

Pat Perez shares his strategy for playing the 145 yard, par 3 12th hole at The Rim Golf Club.

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Pat Perez


What have we got here, Pat?

We've got 11-- number 11, 460 yards. It's kind of a mini dog leg, but you hit the drive straight. But the line is just inside the bunker there on the left. It's kind of a tight-- you'll see when you get there, it's a tighter spot to hit it. I want to try and draw around that bunker.

Killing the ball. I might have to give me one of them big Berthas.

It's perfect right there.

I see that there's a hump in the back there. You want to get it there, huh?

Yeah, I'm going to try and-- I'm feeling this eight. I'm feeling this eight there.

It's a lot of eight, but you're feeling in the smash.

I'm feeling some smash. I think I got it in there.

Yeah, I'd say. You might have just made it.

Damn. That was pretty.

So to tell everybody, what we're working on here is getting your setup a little bit to the right of target, with the ball a little bit forward so that you can come inside, wind it up, and come out on top of that ball and--

But the out on top is just back on plane.

Back on plane, but it feels on top.

Me, I've always struggled with going under too much, this coming under and up, and then an ugly flip like that. So at this point, I can come down on the plane, get down through it, and hit that type of shot.

Yeah, you hit that one.

I got some hit on it. You hadn't hit one like that today.

I'll clean the club, too, on that.

Yeah, you get the clubs.

I'll clean that. No worries.

It's not a full package. It's the streamline bit. I got this. You've got that?

Here. Lemme have the tee. This, you clean here and you clean the ball.

OK. It's almost a gimmick.

Almost. We'll put it in just for grins, just so it feels good. I got that.

My first day out, sorry.

You're not supposed to throw it. You're supposed to throw it to me and then I put the ball down.

You're right.

No wonder your caddies leave.

It's a team.

No wonder your caddies leave all the time.

It's a team. It's a team deal.

I'll read it too. What do you got, straight? Thanks.

Yeah, I got straight.


Yeah, good birdie. That was the club. Eight was the club. Lemme have that. I got that. I'll walk it off.