Patton Kizzire - Backswing Trigger

Patton Kizzire demonstrates the trigger that starts his backswing. He re-grips the club and shuttles his feet prior to taking the club back to relieve any tension and smoothen his backswing.

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Pre-shot routine Patton Kizzire Swing Trigger


So do you have a trigger that gets you going? Do you have something that all systems say go, like a forward press or waggle?

I do some re-gripping of the club, maybe a--

Which is a no-no, but--

Yeah. Yeah, it's not taught.


But I do re-gripping, and I do some--

Foot waggle.

I do a lot of foot stuff.

A little--

Yeah, a little re-stepping. Re-gripping and re-stepping.

And that's OK. It's your way of settling down, waiting for all systems to say go.


Is there one last thing that-- I'll probably see it, and you might not even know it.

I get in. I do re-gripping. I'll demonstrate. I get in. I re-grip a couple of times, tap my feet.

Wiggle your feet a little bit.

And then I give it the-- I give it that move.

Right knee-- that would be your trigger.

I give it the--

And that takes you back.

Mm-hmm. That takes me back. The right knee--

Goes forward.

--just barely moves in, and--

I'm the same. I go here, and I just push forward. And then I'm going back together.

Yep. We'll see them all here in this one.


Yeah, I saw the knee. It was ever so slightly.

Yeah, it might not be as pronounced as it--

No, but it's important to note because a lot of people will get over the ball, and they're waggling and everything. And they don't really know how to start it. It's like putting it in gear. It's important.

It's like, I'm ready. I'm ready. I don't want to take it back without something. So I press my knee and take it. Jack used to turn his head, right? Jack would get over the ball like this, and then right before he went, he turned his head.

Yeah, he'd--