Patton Kizzire - Basics Of Bunker Play (Part 2)

Patton Kizzire explains the basics of bunker play. He starts with gripping the club after it's been rotated open, and will lean left to produce a sharp angle of attack into the ball.


Anything with the grip? Same grip?

I open the club first, and then grip the club.

So it's like a-- on the fairway it'd be a club with a fanned open deal.

Right. So I don't set up square and then open it. I open the club and then set my grip.


So you've got more than 60 degrees.

Oh yeah. And I have a lot of bounce. So I, when I thump that sand, it's going to do what it's supposed to do. The ball's going to come up the same--

You're pretty wide.


Wide stance.

I have a wide stance and I'm kind of leaning. I'm leaning in. I feel like I'm coming in like this. And that's kind of the angle that I'm coming in. So I set in there and find kind of the angle I'm trying to hit.

And staying still is key for me. I want to stay really still. I don't want to back out of it. I don't want move forward. I want to stay right, right there and just--

You can see, the way you're setting this ball up, that this is coming out. I mean, you're wide, you're that way, you got your angle on it. I can see it's coming out.

Yes, it's going to come out. So here, I'll demonstrate.

That's the big noise we want, right?

Yeah that had a lot of--

You can see you hit it, that way where you were aiming, too.

Yeah, right on that line. So I think it's important for even the best players to check themselves, you know, use this drill. I don't think anybody is too good for the line in the bunker, because everybody wants consistent contact.

So everything's still of course, except your arms, right? And a little torso? Or--


What is moving, the torso?

Yeah, the torso is winding and the arms are swinging back, and then coming down. You just don't want to--

Move that center away, that'll change this here.

Because a lot of people get here and they want to help it up. That's not it. You want to stay in there and drive that club into the sand. And then the club's going to--

Pop it up.

--come out of the sand and toss it up.

Let's see that again.

That was a nice one there.