Patton Kizzire - Long Bunker Shot

Patton Kizzire discusses how to hit a long bunker shot. He looks to hit a lower trajectory shot, with the clubface square to the target and a shallow path into the ball.

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Patton Kizzire Bunker Play Long Bunker Shot


So we got a little bit longer shot here. Like a, I don't know, it's 30 feet of green maybe. And what comes to mind? First of all, you're going to show us how to hit this shot but what do you think of when you see the green, the pin way over there?

I'm looking a little bit flatter trajectory. Lower, a little bit lower trajectory. A little bit more roll. I'm finding a spot on the green somewhere around halfway to the pin that I want to land the ball, and looking for a little more roll. We're not looking for the high spinny.


Yeah, we're looking for like a nice, controlled, you know, toss to the middle of the green. A little bit of roll to the hole. For the shorter shots, the more spin. Try to get up in air a little bit more.

More wrist. Yeah, a little bit more wrist and a little bit steeper. But this one, I'm getting a little bit more shallow. The club face is not quite as open. It's a little bit more square. I'm looking at hitting into that sand a little bit shallower.

And how do you accomplish that? Is it the idea that you're going to be shallow, or do you actually make an adjustment with your elbow?

I think a set up.


Setup is for me--


Yeah, you know, if I'm wanting to be steep, you know I'm really-- I'm really here. But if I were wanting to hit up on it, you're here.


Hit down on it there and I'm kind of finding a little but more neutral and then kind of like--

So more like a regular shot almost.

Yeah, kind of kick. Just kick it down just a little.

Little bit.

And then--

Are you staying as still?

Yeah, I think.

Still is really big in the bunkers.

Still is really big in the bunker. Fairway bunker. Fairway bunker, green side bunker, still. Because the surface is not stable. You can move. If you have a jerk or something--

Changing your horizon is killer.

Right. Exactly.

More than anything, it's killer. It will blade it, or fat, big fat.

Right. Right, so we're staying still. I always look at the sand.

You're looking right where you're going to hit it.

I'm looking where the club is going to enter. I'm imagining how that ball is going to react off the sand in the face. Asking to roll out. Looking a little bit lower and a little bit more shallow. Trying to land it half way to the flag and roll out just a little bit.

There you go.