Patton Kizzire - Basics Of Chipping (Part 2)

Patton Kizzire discusses the fundamentals of chipping, from ball position to setup, to the way he take the club back and follows through.

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Patton Kizzire Chipping The Motion Chipping Setup


I'll run you through kind of how I hit chip shots, and then before I hit this chip shop, I'm going to try to turn that off and go into full--

Chip in mode.

--imagination mode.

Imagination mode.



So solid contact is key. I think ball position for different shots. If you want, if it's a longer, fuller shot with a little more height, we're looking a little higher. But for this shot, we're kind of pitching it a little low, have a little bit of check, and then a little roll.

So I'm going to have the ball towards the back of my stance, kind of just in my right toe, a little bit of forward lean. And I'm going to try to just have a little-- I'm not trying to break any wrists or move around a whole lot. I'm trying to have a nice, solid foundation, and just a nice turn.

So you're just trying to, sort of-- I don't want to say dead arm, but you're not doing much cocking of the club.

No, I kind of want it to be a little bit of a straight arm--


Yeah, straight arm. You want to have soft hands, but you don't want to be whipping it around too much on this standard chip shot.

So now that I separate myself from that, I'm looking at a spot I want to land it, how it's going to get there, and how it's going to roll when it lands.

Landed pretty soft into that green.

Yeah, feedback was it probably come out a fraction lower than you thought it would off this turf, or--

Yeah, it flew-- it came out just a little bit lower and didn't fly quite as far.

And that's the result.

Landed into some green there, but let's try that again.

There it is. That was like I imagined there.