Patton Kizzire - Height & Spin In Chipping

Patton Kizzire demonstrates how to hit a chip shot that has some height with spin, when the pin is not as accessible. He's able to make an aggressive move into the ball as he puts more weight onto the left side at address.

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We've got another shot for you, Patton, that goes across the corner of this bunker. Doesn't look too hard for you, but this causes some anxiety for the average player.

It does. This is another--

It's got to go up.

Yeah, it's got--

And the lie is thin.

Yeah, there's not a whole lot under the ball. That's a fairway lie. And you don't have a lot of green to work with, so you've got to either stop it with height or you got to stop it with spin.


So out of the fairway, for me, I'm able to spin the ball a pretty good bit. And I'm looking at a nice combination of the height and the spin. I'm not trying to go super low with a lot of spin, or real high with a roll out. I'm kind of matching the two at a medium trajectory with some spin.

So for this one, the ball is not going to be quite as far back. It's going to be a little bit more towards the middle of my stance, will give me a little bit more height, and you know, I kind of see the trajectory of the shot. And I tend to hit better chip shots when I stay aggressive. Hit an aggressive shot, gets better contact, catches its grooves better, and stops a little faster, as opposed to hesitant or kind of slow and into it.

Trying to make sure of it.

You know, I like to, you know, really fire it in there. So I think having that smooth, aggressive shot--

Is there a way that you--

--is key.

--set your hands, or is there a path feel, or is there a--

You know, I'm--

You're in the middle there?

Yeah, I'm kind of in the middle of my stance. And I have a little bit of weight on this front foot to kind of give myself a descending blow a little bit. And, you know, I'm just trying to-- that tempo is key for me. Keep that tempo good.

Yeah, I'm trying to-- I'm just going to imagine the face is this a little bit, and kind of just seeing it just-- (CLICK) I mean, I like to make noises. I'll-- you know, (CLICKING).

Whatever. Yeah, you gotta-- you're matching everything up.

That's kind of things that I like to do, but this one is going to be middle. Middle of the stance, not a lot of wrist break, aggressive, smooth swing.

So we know that you don't have to go super high if you have some spin, right?


That's what you don't have to-- people think-- my teacher, Alex Mercer from Australia, was the greatest pitcher of the ball ever, and he played them all like that because he has spin.

Right. Right, you know, there's so many different ways to play shots. And that's something that is a little bit difficult for me, is when I have so many options.


If I have a shot short sighted in the rough, and I have one option, I tend to do pretty well. If I get in the trees and get behind a tree and I have one option, you know, whatever it may be, if I only have one option and it's already decided for me, I tend do pretty well. So that just tells you, you have to really decide what you're going to do before you do it.

Yeah. But you made that look really easy. Can we see one more of those? It was-- you were just sort of ball forward a little bit. You're very much a player that sets it up pre-shot. You know what you're doing.

Yeah. I said it in there.

You're a little weight left, face is a little open, you got not much wrist break, aggressive, hold, bite, tap it.