Patton Kizzire - Downswing Sequence

Patton Kizzire discusses how to properly sequence the downswing. He explains how patience in the downswing is the most important aspect to keep the club free flowing into impact.


Patience is super important. It hadn't always been there, but when I do feel that patience and I'm not really worried about anything, I'm just free flowing. That's when the good ball-striking comes out.

And what's going on? Show me what's happening there. Show me one and tell me what-- in your words--

So I'm staying wide on the back swing, and I'm still maintaining the connection. And then when I come down, I want it to kind of track right back down--

To the same spot again.

The spot, yeah.

That's the back swing spot, essentially.

That's the slot. It's a little bit-- on the back swing, you're a little bit more here.


On this one, you're a little bit--


It's a little bit more here. I want that thing to just fall. I want it to stay wide and fall in there, and then I can really-- now I can start this.

Yeah, I tell my son and a lot of people that you're at the top here. You're at 90 degrees, let's say, and 45 and 20. If you hit the jets up here, there's no way they can all line up.


So this 90 goes to 80, 75, 60, 50. Now they're all about equal. Now you can do the business.

Right. Yeah, it's the sequence. What I used to do-- a lot of sequencing practice, trying to get everything working together. I think that's important.

Is that the hardest thing to get, the drop?

Yeah. That's one reason some people keep it pretty close is because there's not as much--

Move back in.

There's a bit of timing in there. But when I'm able to allow that thing to just drop and be real patient, I can just wheeew.

Let's see that. You're going to drop it and then you're going to spin, right?

I'm going to allow that thing to just fall in there, kind of out in front of me like that. And then just really--

Turn on the jets.

--turn through.