Patton Kizzire - Downswing Width

Patton Kizzire discusses the importance of keeping the width in his downswing. Some guys prefer to have more lag in the swing, however Patton likes more structure and extension coming into impact.

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Width Patton Kizzire Downswing Lag


Your swing-- it's a wide deal.

Right. I like to keep it wide.

Talk about that, because a lot of people are scared of wide. It's sort of-- you have to-- it's a long way away from you.

It is. It is.

But narrow's no good either, right?

Right. You know, one thing that makes me comfortable with wide is I'm so tall that I don't really want to have-- I don't really want to be real close, and I want to be able to stand up where I have a little bit of space, and have a good posture, and keep it wide, and keep it wide coming down, and really--

When you say "keep it wide coming down," you're not like a Sergio or anyone that keeps loading it?

Yeah, I don't want to-- I don't want any of this.

That's not for you, but it's a variation. Once it's mastered, it's awesome, but that's not for you.

That's not for me. There's-- yeah, there's--

There's a piece of info that's out.

For me, that's out.

Because once you've got long arms-- I don't do it either, by the way. I like to keep the radius firm so I know where everything is.

Exactly. You know, for some guys, it's-- I have such long levers, and it's hard for me once I change them, to match them back up.

Match them back up.

But for some guys who are a little bit smaller in stature-- maybe a little bit shorter-- they're able to really drive this in and keep it really tight and a lot of lag, and then really deliver. But for me, I have to keep it pretty wide.