Patton Kizzire: Equipment - Irons

Patton Kizzire discusses the specs of his irons. From PW to 7 Iron, he uses a Titleist 718 MB. His 5 and 6 Irons are Titleist CB. His 4 iron is the Titleist 718 TMB.

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Patton Kizzire Equipment Irons Club Specs


My pitching wedge through 7 iron are the Titleist 718 MB. So it's a blade type iron, a muscle back, and it--

Player's club.

I like it because its precision. It's a precision club, you know? The yardage and everything is a little bit more precise and--

Cuts through the grass sharply.

Yes. It's got a nice leading edge, cuts through the grass really, really sharply, and gives me a lot of feedback.

Then you do a little jump to a different variety on your 5 and 6.


That's another-- that's a different kind of set.


Why did you choose-- why did you go for this on the 5 and 6?

The 5 and 6 are the CB-- the 718 CB. It gives me a little more forgiveness. You're able to get away with a slight miss hit. Not much. It's still a nice blade-looking iron, but it's considered a cavity back with a little more forgiveness and promotes a little bit higher ball flight.


The longer the iron, the more help I need getting the ball up. So that's why I chose these.

These are you scoring clubs. These are more sort of distance-orientated.

This is get it on the green and give myself a putt. This is--

And then you--

--a little bit of forgiveness.

Then you go for another variety for your 4 iron.

Another step in the cavity back direction. This is the Titleist TMB. It's a 718 TMB with the new and improved little weight, tungsten weight distribution here.

Which gives you the--

Gives me the up.


So that's exciting. They've made the sound better and better. The first ones that came out with, had a different sound than this one. Has a different sound than my other irons, but it has a nice solid sound, not, it doesn't have a loud, loud pitch noise. It's more of a thump. So this thing has been really nice for me.