Patton Kizzire: Equipment - Wedges

Patton Kizzire has an unreal short game, and a lot has to do with love of his wedges. He discusses the specs of his Vokey wedges.


All right, Patton, Titleist guy. Bet this is a Vokey 60 degrees. Why don't you tell us why?

Oh, well every club in my bag is Titleist. This is a Bob Vokey Design, 60 degrees with-- it's a K grind with six degrees of bounce. I feel like it gives me a lot of versatility. Gives me enough bounce for the sand and not too much for the tight lies. We play a lot of tight lies on the Tour. And it's a nice, nice blend for me.

I kind of copied Duff, a little bit. They knocked the leading edge back, kind of messed with the hosel a little bit, moved the club head back a little bit. So that's a little prototype.

Duff Special?

Duff Special.

Shaft is X 60 what one?

The shaft is a X100.


Dynamic Gold X100. Those are throughout the irons.

And all your grips are slightly oversized, a little bit?

All my grips are Golf Pride. This is the New Decade, I believe, with the midsize. It's a MultiCompound midsize grip.

Why do you like the midsize?

I have pretty big hands. I wear a extra large glove.


And I have pretty big hands and--

That kind of answers the question right there.

Yeah. Yeah, I like-- I don't like to feel like my hands are wrapping all the way around and touching my hand. I like to feel like there's-- you know, it stops.


56, another Vokey Design. It's a M grind. It's the 2016 prototype. It's-- I'm not sure exactly how much bounce it has, but it's the standard M grind. And with the X100, same grip and everything.

Grips throughout, yep.

Yeah. It's I base this, first, off look-- the way it looks when I set it down. And it performs really well out of the fairway and out of the rough.

The 56, you drive it lower or you like to up?

I'm a medium guy.

Medium guy.

Medium trajectory, yeah. This goes through the turf nicely and has a medium flight.

Doesn't balloon or anything?

No, it doesn't normally balloon up.


It goes out pretty nice.


The 52 is much like the 56. It's a Vokey Design with the M grind. And it's the 2017 prototype, so it's a year newer than 56. And it's my 125-yard club and has the same grip and the same shaft.