Patton Kizzire - 6 Iron Swing

Patton Kizzire discusses his 6 iron swing. Most amateurs tend to jump to the left side too early in the downswing. He aims to stay behind the ball to give himself space to turn his hips through impact.


So as we go from the 8 iron, now we're to the 6.

A little bit shallower, the longer the club. I do like to-- if I have a tendency to do something--

Wrong, you mean?

Wrong. I do like to--

Dive into it?

I do like going this way. And that creates a little bit steeper angle, and I'll lose turn space.

I see. A lot of people are told, don't you believe that they got to get to that left side, and you know for me I've always thought that I'm behind the ball, I hit it, and then I arrive at my left side at the end. I think one of the biggest mistakes is people try to jump over to the left side. Then you've used all your hip action, you can't go anywhere.

Right. Yeah and you want to stay behind. It's hard to deliver power from in front of the ball.

You'd have to come back.

Right. You're having that you're having to come this way. I mean the power comes from there. So I tend to--

That's what you work with the coach? It looks like you could never work on anything with your backswing.

Yeah, backswing hadn't been much of an issue as long as I don't go too far.

Too far.

If I keep it where is it.

Is it too far come from this, or just--

Too far comes from just run. This way.

Just with the wrist at the end.

The club kind of-- the club just keeps going. It's not really the arms as much as it is just the hands, wrists, fingers.

Is that when it would be hard for me to believe that if you're at 90% a lot you would have that trouble. When you get to really crushing it--

That's when I get to start reaching for it. And if I get into the win or I'm trying to deloft something or hit it further, that's when you--

Lean into it.

Yeah that comes in. So on I'm starting to understand my tendencies better.

I always have fought my whole life-- I slide too far. Copy Jack copy Weiskopf and I have a tendency to overdo it. So I basically can turn all I want, keeps me from going too far down the line.

I'll try to go with a little very light divot. Look a bit more sweep. The better I've gotten at sweeping these irons when I want to, the better my fairway bunker game has gotten. It will sweep it out of that fairway bunker as opposed to--

Fairway bunkers can be a problem.

They're tough.


I was awful, Adam. Yeah, that's nice.