Patton Kizzire - 8 Iron Swing

Patton Kizzire discusses how far he hits his 8 iron, and the intervals between each iron in the bag.


You would be considered a sort of a long hitter. You're a big guy you drive it far. You hit your irons far. You'd in the top third of the tour and leg. Maybe the bottom end of the one third.

I would say--

Definitely not up in the bombers.

Not in the bombers. Not in short knockers.

Definitely above average in length.

On a driver, on a driver shot or 3 wood shot.

8 iron 165.

Eight irons a little bit odd. I have an odd gap in there. But eight irons 170.

That's a big 8.

Yeah it is a big 8.

But you're big.

My lofts are all right, but for whatever reason my 8 iron goes 170. My 9 iron goes-- it goes 168. My 9 iron goes 152.

So you just know the gap.

I know the gap. Instead of trying to fix it, I just--

Play the gap.

I can play it. I'm not looking for a whole lot of change, and just looking to get better.

A lot of people want to get more precise than that, you know, a lot of tour players. But you-- I already know from interviewing you, doing this, that you're-- you like to work with what you got. You don't want to too much outside influence. You want to create it. Right?

Right. Exactly.

It's just a tool to you.

Right. If I were to fix that gap, everything else would change. So I'd have to tweak everything else. I'd rather--

Just leave that one.

Rather leave it, tweak it a couple of yards. Yard here, yard there. But I don't want to redo my whole bag.

I just got to know that when you were on a par three you hit eight and I hit six I just got to know that you got a messed up 8.

Exactly. I've juiced up 8. We'll see them all here in this one.