Patton Kizzire - Driving, Keep It Simple

Patton Kizzire discusses how he drives the ball, and the importance of keeping his swing thoughts very simple. He explains that if try to do too much, it will negatively affect his game.


Do you teach up high or just tee up normal?

I'm a normal [? tee-er. ?] If I start teeing it up like that-- if I tee it up a little too high, then I'm--


Then I start trying to do too much.


If I tee it too low. If I tee too high, I get too much this way. If I tee it too low, I get too much that way, so I'm trying to find that medium.

Everything's measurable, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm trying to find that medium height where I feel like I can make a nice flat, smooth, swing.


I've been able to simplify my driving, you know, if the wind is blowing one way or the other. I don't stray far from what I'm good at. I think that if you start trying to do too much, then you get into a few problems.

I don't have my money on me. Remember, Mr. Burke says, you don't ever hit any shots that you don't put that on it.

Yeah. Yeah, you--

Or your cash.

Exactly. I mean--

He said-- that's what he tells me-- he said, unless you got $10,000 in your pocket and you're ready to throw it out, then what are you doing hitting it?

Yeah, don't try.

Don't do it.

I grew up playing a lot of golf.

Where you just let it go?

I play here. I play a lot of matches and stuff. So you don't ever try stuff you're not comfortable with, because there's something on the line. There's something to lose.

There's going to be a severe penalty.


It's going to cost you.

There's another go-to. A little fader.