Patton Kizzire - Set The Club & Swing Left

Patton Kizzire discusses how he sets the club in the backswing, as well as the importance of swinging left after impact.


Are you doing something on the back swing? How are you setting the club? Your friend Jason Dufner-- he does something else. You know, we've got all kind of players.

I tend to set the club up fairly early. I mean, I set it around here. And then I try to carry that as far as I need to carry it. And then when I come down, I want it to be about-- to get right back in there, and then deliver and turn.

When you say right back in there, you're saying that you almost want to cover up the pitcher that way you were on the way back?

Right. Yeah.

So if that's your-- go ahead. If that's your back swing, you want to put your downswing almost right back on it.

I want to take that as far as I need to, and then come back down to there.

You don't want to be in here. And you don't want to be over there. You want to be right in what I call the slot.

Pretty neutral slot position. And then, as I'm turning, there's a delivery.

Once you get to that point, are you then turn everything around the corner with a sort of a lower finish? I've see that a little bit.

Yeah, I've tried to get more and more around the corner.

So to speak.

Around the-- swinging left a little bit more.

Harder for guys like you and I, because we're tall, and we have a tendency to swing up. Yeah. We've always been here and there.

Here, yeah.

I'm trying to keep a little bit of this up here. But I want it to--

Come out there.

--around the corner and less face rotation.

Let's see that. I like that.


That was pretty. That was your 90 percenter.

That was about a 90, 92 percenter.


And I can feel it. Whenever the ball leaves, you want to be able to-- you want to be able to tell yourself what you felt.


And hopefully it matches the actual distance. Once your feels start matching up with the actual numbers, then you're--

You're in good shape.