Patton Kizzire - The Old Swing

Patton Kizzire demonstrates how he used to swing the club as a youngster growing up. His old swing was long with tremendous amount of release.


We want you to show us your swing when you were a young fella.

I was always a long swinger of the club, and--

Well, you're almost 6' 5"?

Yeah. I was always a pretty big kid as a youngster and then as a teenager. And I was always pretty tall and hit the ball pretty far. But I had a big swing, a lot of action.

This was with the thumb off and the interlock.

Yeah. Well, when I was really young, I went with the thumb over here.

You put the thumb on in college?

Yeah, yeah. When I got to be about 12 or 13-- I'd say 13 or so-- I switched.

Thumb came on.

Yeah, thumb came in here and a little more conventional grip. But my swing still stayed really--

Let's see.

A lot of action.

You hit the big draw?

Oh, yeah. I hit a--

Most kids hit the big draw because you get more distance, right?

Yeah. I hit a really big draw, and--

That was your move.

That was how I hit it. Yeah, I was--

I like the--

I was all over the place.

--solid finish.


High, draw. So as you became bigger, faster, stronger, you took a lot of this out, I'm assuming.

Yeah, I took a lot of that out and got the club coming down a little bit more in front of me and trying to swing around to the left and--

Not so much under.