Patton Kizzire - Life Off the Course

Patton Kizzire discusses his life off the course, meeting his wife in 2012, and it positively affected his golfing career.

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I moved down to [? Sea Island ?] about 2012. I met this girl, who's now my wife, about the same time. And--

Now, is she from Alabama? Is that part of the deal, you've got to marry--

She's my cousin. No, I'm kidding. She is actually from St. Simons, here in St. Simons. And we met in Athens. She's a Georgia bulldog. So there's a little bit of rivalry there in November-- Auburn, Georgia. But a lot of things started coming together. I started to get my priorities straight and being held accountable for--


Everything. Working out, golf--

Bank balance, spending money.

Dishes. I mean--

Doing your bills.

Everything. Yeah. It was-- grown up life started kind of happening.

Wait until you get some kids. Then you'll really find out what's going on.

Oh boy. Yeah, exactly.