Patton Kizzire - Playing On The Mini Tours (Part 2)

Patton Kizzire discusses his mini tour experience where he sharpened his skills and became the player he is today (Part 2).

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When I moved down here, I started playing golf with some of the guys that are on the tour-- Zach Johnson, Davis Love, Harris English, Hudson Swafford, Brian Harman, those guys. And I was getting beat up pretty good at first. And then I got comfortable. I started playing more and more of these guys, and started beating some of them.

They beat me, I beat them. And I gained confidence from that, and then I took that to the mini tour. When you play against the PGA Tour players here, and then you go play against mini tour players--

They're [? choppers ?] compared to those guys.

Yeah. I'm going to toast them. So I went out there, and actually I finished second place eight times.

On mini.

On the mini tour before I won.

On the mini. Not on--

On the mini tour.

You finally won a mini at the end.

I won a couple of them.

Couple of them.

Once I won the first one, I kind of started winning a few of them.

Was that like-- I don't want to put any words in your mouth-- that little step from second to first, what made you win? Was there something like-- I used to say to myself, I've only got one more hole to be ahead, or two more holes. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Was there something like that, or--

Well, not really. I actually played very well every time I finished second. It wasn't as if I bogied the last hole or anything like that. The golf courses were very [INAUDIBLE], and somebody would fire a 62 or a 63.

Jump you.

I'd shoot a 66 and lose by 1 or whatnot. But I think I decided not to make it close.

Oh, you took off.

Yeah, I won by several.