Patton Kizzire - Pressure Putts (Part 1)

Patton Kizzire discusses how he handles pressure putts. He will putt from 4-5 feet as soon as he gets to the tournament to prepare himself for pressure putts.


Full footer. With the tournament, make the cut. The biggest one you might make is to stop making a double.

Yeah. There's round killers. There's momentum savers, and there's momentum getters.

There's bogie winners.

Yeah. They're all there. All of them are pretty important. That's why when I come to the golf course, the first thing I do is I get one golf ball, and I go to straight putt about four or five feet away. And I treat it like I'm in a tournament. And I put it down, line it up good through my routine. Bury it. Move over. Treat it like it like a tournament. Bury it. Move over. And I go all the way around the hole from about five feet. I like to extend my gimmes. Most gimmies are like this, I like to extend my gimmes as far as I can extend them.

I play a lot of putting games. One of my buddies that I used to play professional golf, one of my best friend's Gator Todd. We used to play PIG. Which is HORSE. So we're around the putting-- or on the putting green around this hole, and we're playing PIG, and the first guy makes it, you've got to make it get on top of him. If they miss, then it's your lead. And I mean we're just-- nobody's missing. We got so good and we're making all these putts, and when I get out in the tournament--

Not that big a deal.

I imagine that I've got to make this putt to not get a letter. I've already seen-- I imagine his putt going in, and then I just-- I've already seen this putt. So I rolled it in. I don't want to get a letter. I try to put pressure on myself before I get to the tournament. I want to try to put as much pressure on myself in my practice and money games and that sort of thing to where when I get to the tournament it's either close to equal, or-- I want it to be less but it's about impossible-- but I want to kind of get as equal as I can.

You want to be able to make this in your sleep with your eyes closed.