Patton Kizzire - Reading The Green

Patton Kizzire explains how he reads the greens behind the ball the old fashioned way. He does not use any "methods" other than simply look and feel where the break is and putt on that line.


On tour, I'll make a nice smooth walk around the hole, get a feel for it. But I really can see the line best from behind the ball. And I get in.

And you told me you're-- and I don't mind saying it-- your an excellent green reader.


And you don't do any fingers or any of that, no stuff like that. You're looking, like that's higher than that, so it's going to do that.

Right, exactly.

Is that better? It seems like the new generation are doing a lot more looking at the books, and they're doing the fingers.


I've got fat fingers. It won't read. I'll miss every time because my fingers are too fat.

Exactly. I feel like that's learning math with a calculator instead of learning how to do math in your head and really understanding and seeing what you're doing.

The greatest putters that have ever lived, Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, guys that made putts all the time under pressure, they did it with their eyes, right? Their eyes, they look with their eyes-- Dave Stockton, Brad Faxon.

Yeah, they didn't have that back then.

No, but you told me you're uncomfortable without the line.

Right. I haven't done it--

In a while.

--in a while. So I do feel--

So is it a bit of a crutch, or could you be as good without it, or--

I could be if you give me a couple of days to putt without it. It would be no problem.

But for now, we're going line.

But for now, we're going line. Yeah, I feel like I can be really precise that way. And mid-range putts like this, I feel like I make more with the line than I did without. But one of my favorite ways to read the green when I'm doing my walk down the hole is walking along the side of the putt here, and seeing and feeling the break. And that's about as much as I need. And then I can come back behind the ball.

Because that's really along the lines. So you can feel if it's banking a little bit, just like you would if you were walking down the street, right?

Yeah, of course. You don't want to walk in your line or anybody else's line. But--

If you can, you get in there pretty close.

Yeah, I can see and feel. And sometimes the break is a lot early, a little middle, none late, little things like that. My brain just calculates it.