Patton Kizzire - The Perfect Putter (Part 2)

Patton Kizzire discusses how he uses The Perfect Putter to help keep his putting sharp. He explains where he puts the gate along the line of the putt.


These are gates with different thresholds. Right? There's--

Beginner gate. Expert gate.

Exactly. And even there's different sizes. There's more of them. You can start with a tighter gate here, and it gets a little bit bigger gate, and then the last one will be the largest one to give yourself some room.

Is there any gate tight enough for you? Do they need to make a tighter gate for you?

Yeah. If you get this thing out there about 30 feet, it's really tough to get in there.

So you actually go down the line here and you don't do a gate like right here. You don't one up there a little bit.

Well, I do them all over. So I like to do one that's about a foot and a half, two feet out in front of my putter.

If you're going through that gate, and you've read it right, and it goes through that gate two feet, it's on its own, pretty much.


You don't need any more.

It gives you the confidence that you're starting the ball on line. So if I'm starting the ball on line, and I'm putting a good roll on it, it's going to go in the hole. And when I do that over and over, you get confidence. And just take it to the course.

And you're already a great putter in your natural and all that. This is-- you said this gives you confidence. But do you-- is this a percentage of what helps you putting? Is this a ten percent, or is it--

This is a way to practice. A fun way to practice, a fun way to set up drills, and you know, I think--

I might miss the guys left or right.

I hope not.

I hope not, too. I'm pretty good.

So I drop the ball and stopped it right there, and then--

Put a little mark on the ground.

Put a little mark there in the middle.

That'll be the center of the ramp.


That's your placement of the ball.

Exactly. Once this-- can I take this away?

Yeah. And so we've got where the ball left the ramp. The gate.

Through the gate, and on the perfect read.

On the perfect read.

That's pretty exciting.

You excited?

I really am, because now you got your line. You split the gate, come back, because I tell you why I like this. This is teaching you so much about what is straight.


Teaching you whether that's absolutely 100% has to be believed. So when you start to look at it, you start to put energy in here, and knowing that that's straight.

Right. It comes back to the visualization.

So you're good to go. You go back to your routine, you've got your line on your line. Gate. God, that's tight. That's tight through there.

That is a tight gate.

I got to see how tight that gate is. You went straight to the expert gate, didn't you?

It's close. Oh, yes. That might be the second smallest one, there might be one that's just a hair tighter. When I put it down there I was thinking, should I use a bigger gate?