Patton Kizzire - The Putting Stroke

Patton Kizzire breaks down his putting stroke. He is not too rigid or loose, but likes to keep the stroke fluid with enough structure.

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Everybody can see your eye, because really nice. What are you doing it with? Is it a combination of things? What are you powering it with?

Yeah. Like my putter. It's not one way or the other. It's kind of in between. I don't feel like I'm really-- I don't feel like I'm rigid. Around in the shoulders or I don't feel like I'm just kind arming it. I think it's just kind of a nice happy medium between the two. You know soft hands, soft arms. Nice Smooth.

How do you stop it from sort of going all over the place? Is this that you would use maybe a bit more shoulders if it was too wobbly?


If it's too stiff use a bit more-- you sort of blend it? Yeah. I've always thought about painting. Like a paintbrush. Just kind of a rolling it. I use a line on my golf ball, and I like to see that line roll end over end. I think that kind of-- I got to have both.

So you're real natural with your stroke, but you've sort of-- that's kind of mechanical, right?

It is. But I think it is a visualization thing.