Patton Kizzire - Using Imperfections On The Greens

Patton Kizzire discusses how he utilizes the imperfections on the greens to putt off of to his advantage. Elk shares his story of using imperfections on the greens at Riviera to win the 1995 PGA Championship.


I read putts with-- I'll see a ball mark here, or a spike mark there, or a discoloration in the grass there.

That's your gate.

And I use them.

Yeah. I do.

I use the imperfections in the green to visualize.

There's a story that when I won the PGA Riviera they had resodded the greens, and that was all spiked up and everyone was complaining. And Bob Rotella wrote an article two months later because during the tournament I used the spike marks as my gates. And he said everyone was complaining about the greens, and all this, but Elkington was using it as a positive. He was using the spike marks as his aiming points. And I never thought of it. I never--

I love that.

Yeah. He said that's why he won, because he was-- And even in the playoff when I won, if you ever see the replay of me making a putt. If you're looking down the line there's a plug mark-- a spike mark that I was aiming at five feet in front, and it literally went over the top of it and kept going. Right in.

That's awesome.