Patton Kizzire - Using The Line On The Ball

Patton Kizzire demonstrates how he uses the line on the ball for his putts. More often than not, he will stick with the line on the ball, regardless of what it may seem like over the ball.


I like to imagine an actual line on the ground, like a chalk line. It doesn't have to be exact, but I like to see something. I'm a visual guy.

When that line goes down, and you come back here, you go, yeah, that's it.

Exactly. The putt is nearly over for me now.

Does that black you out? If you go in, and it doesn't look right, do you override? Do you override it?

Sometimes. More times than not, I'll do better when I put it where I decided to. I've decided that's where I'm putting it--

You're going.

--and I'm going. And sometimes, if it feels like it's a little high, which is better for me, I can--

Slow it in there.

--dive in. If it feels like it's a little low, I can give it a little more roll. And that's one of the reasons you need to be below the hole because you can do stuff like that.

So that's not mandatory. You've got some wiggle room in there.

There's wiggle room will speed. That's where I give myself the wiggle room is [INAUDIBLE] speed.

You're not going to go back and readjust it a bunch of times?

No, I don't like to do that just because I don't want to have to back off, and--

Do it all again?

--redo it and all that. I feel like I'm really good the first time, and I've decided where I'm going to putt it, and the putt's pretty much over. I'm able to just get up there and just roll it down the line.

So you're coming in. That didn't take very long to do. You've read it. You've got your spot.

Yeah, I'm standing behind the ball, and I see where it's starting, and where it's moving. And when I get over it, a line my two lines up here.

The line at the back of the putter right through the blue line on the ball.

Exactly. I imagine the line and then I roll it, kind of like that.

Just like that.

Any questions?