Patton Kizzire - Foot Work

Patton Kizzire discusses the importance of having great footwork. He has his feet square vs. flared open, which he feels works for his body and swing.

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Your feet are really straight-straight.

They're pretty straight.

You must have really, like, flexible hips and stuff because, the more open you are, you know, you've got plenty of mobility.

Right. Yeah.

You use this right one in a little bit to stop you from going too far or anything like that?

I've experimented. I've experimented--

That's a lot there.

--you know, trying to keep that backswing from going. But then something kind of gives in there. And I kind of want to--

Belly it.

Yeah, I kind of want to give it this number. And that's a no-no. You want to keep that, you know, flex and that strength in there so you can deliver it. But, yeah, my feet and ankles are pretty mobile. And I'm able to have a pretty square stance.

People would probably laugh at this, but I've always thought that having real flexible ankles is such an advantage. And I don't even know what that means. I just know that, when I have really flexible ankles, I can do so much with them with my swing.

Yeah, yeah.

You know, where I can roll my foot where I want to and turn it.

You can go here.

Do all that, yeah.

Yeah. That's a nice spot.

Yeah, that's a nice entry level. It guarantees you, you know, from the inside here, right?


There it is right there, yeah. Let's see one more of those sixes.

I'll give you the standard six.


Yeah, that's nice.